Siamak Foroutan

A contemporary ceramic artist from Iran, Siamak’s work sets out to redefine the ancient medium.

Graduated with a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Ceramic Art, Siamak’s intriguing approach to ceramics is what sets his work apart from the commonly accepted notions around the functionality of pottery and ceramics. The artist has studied and practiced his craft for years and has now settled in Leeds, where he gained his HE Diploma in Art & Design from the Leeds College of Art as well as his Bachelor’s Degree from Leeds Metropolitan University.

His 2017 MA Degree Show project, entitled Abstract Identity, dealt with the concept of individual and cultural displacement, referencing the frustration of not belonging.

Most recently, Siamak’s work is being displayed at Slip: An Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics, Drawing and Print. This exhibition can be found at Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley and is open to the public now until the 10th of March. For more information about this event, click here.

“My work could be described as distorted incomplete figures that often use glaze to represent textural qualities which represent both my personal aesthetic library and Iranian heritage juxtaposing traditional, functional pottery and glazing to the visually abstract form.”

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