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Global Soundtracks and Moor Sheffield

Experience music, dance, culture, crafts, cookery demonstrations and culinary delights in a free celebration of world cultures as part of Taste Moor 2018

GLOBAL SOUNDTRACKS Onstage 11am - 4pm
Features desert blues from Iran, Libya and Morocco; Arabic lutes, flutes and vocals from Egypt & Sudan; Kashmiri Sufi soul infusions, and singers & instrumentalists from Ethiopia, Jerusalem and Senegal. There is something to surprise and delight everyone in a feast for all the senses. 

Brought to you by The Moor, Ignite Imaginations, Konimusic, Arts on the Run and University of Sheffield Concerts.

Generously supported by the Sheffield BID

Haymanot Tesfa: Amharic vocals, krar / Arian Sadr: daf, tombak (Ethiopia/Iran)

Hassan Salih Nour: Arabic vocals, oud, tanbura / Ebrahim Disco: percussion (Sudan)

Acacusine Danto Aiyya: Tamashek vocals, guitar / Hassan Naina: guitar (Libya / Morocco)

Avital Raz: Hebrew-Hindi vocals, tanpura, guitar, glockenspiel (Jerusalem)

Kadialy Kouyate: Mandinka-Wolof vocals, kora (Senegal)

Mina Salama: Arabic-Coptic vocals, oud, ney /Sarah Yaseen: Urdu-Punjabi-Arabic vocals, percussion (Egypt/Kashmir)

Arash Sabet: Gilaki vocals, guitar (Iran)

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